You Know I Have Some Great Ideas

As I often live and breathe my computer, I come up with ideas that I think would be really great. Sure, I could do some of them on my own, but why? All I want is to make existing stuff better by getting these companies to make use of these great ideas. So what is so great you ask? (OK, you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you anyway.)

I love iPhoto. I have a photocast of my niece set up. My grandma is the only one right now able to view that photocast since she has the latest version of iPhoto. My dad is still on OS 10.3 (Panther) and is waiting for Leopard to upgrade. My mom needs a new Mac. She can’t upgrade that 8 year old iMac anymore. And my sister, who is technologically challenged, has a PC (even worse). I can’t find a decent RSS reader on the PC that will take the feed.

So, since my photocast alone is not enough, I have a Picasa account (Google’s very cool online photo album) and a Flickr account (that’s Yahoo’s cool photo album). I’m pretty much putting the same pictures in each place. What I would really like to see by both of these online sites is to use the RSS feed from the photocast to display my photos. Wouldn’t that be nice? I think it’d be sweet. Will they listen to my idea?

…and that’s all I have to say about that.


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